Antonio Domínguez “Cisquero”

Antonio Domínguez “Cisquero” is a sailor from Rota, Spain who one day changed the fishing boats for warships, when one sunday afternoon of 1953 he and his friends were recruited to begin the work of what later would become the Naval Base of Rota.

After that, Cisquero started to work in the NAVY, where he performed different functions on the docks he helped build, where North American nuclear submarines and submarine tenders came to berth for long months in anticipation of any attack by the USSR during the War Cold.

Antonio is proud of having worked with his American colleagues “jumping from one submarine to another” and gaining the trust of high ranking officers of the NAVY. He even was handpicked to partake in special operations for the NASA where he would have to search for and rescue parachutists simulating Earth reentries of space capsules alongside the coast of Rota before the Apollo departed for the moon in 1969.

PHOTO: Antonio Galisteo – Director of Photography